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2008-09-26 13:17:03 by PunchOrBePunched

Thinking about looking for background artist or artists.

Just to feel this out, I'm looking for a bar background. There is a rough, rough, rough layout in the image posted below.

Looking for something "painty".

Needs the bar, bar stools(except where the small dude is sitting), and back shelves with liquor bottles on them. Maybe a light fixture also above the 3 charactors.

The stage is 600 X 400, but I'd perfer to have a 50 pixel leeway on all sides. Other than that you have free reign.

I'll pay 15 greenbacks to the artist who produces a piece that works with what I got goin' up in my noggin.

I know 15 bucks ain't much, sorry, but it's better than doing EOW for free, and if it takes you 2 hours to make, that means you've made $7.50/hour, that's more than a dishwasher, and without the hassle of coming home and picking out chunks of burger from your hair!

Feel free to contact me for more information, I'll be happy to give it.
I perfer to do business through AIM (PunchOrBePunched) and Paypal.
I'm on around 10:00 PM Eastern time usually.



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2008-09-26 20:32:42

I'll give it a shot. But as you probably know, it MIGHT have to wait until after Halloween. Let me know more details about what you got goin' up in your noggin. And of course, no charge. I like this- might put an ad out myself...

(Updated ) PunchOrBePunched responds:

I get the feeling we'll always just be stuck with ourselves. I got a decent idea to tap some resources though, and you ain't gonna like the reasoning behind it, 'cause I damn sure don't.

I've converted my closet into a recording booth though!


2008-09-28 07:11:57

sweet 15 bux! since you want 50 pixels of free space on all sides the pic ends up 500x300 right? if you don't mind the painting being done with flash i think i might be able to do it, flash is all i can use atm.

PunchOrBePunched responds:

Actually the other way around, sorry for the misunderstanding. I was looking for around 700 X 500, or a little bit less if neccessay, because the stage is set at 600 X 400. Try to avoid black outlines if you are using Flash, because I would like the charactors outlines to remain uncluttered.

Love the fact that you are interested! Thank you very much!


2008-10-03 03:03:11

I may be interested. I'd also recommend taking out the characters from that picture because it's a background sketch or at least post a link to a version that only consists of the BG sketch. ;)


2008-10-17 07:39:41

Hrrrmmm... Sorry not being of help here, but I'm tinkering Flash myself right now (Whatever it takes to produce some porn).
I wish you the best of fortunes with your current projects.
BTW, check my latest MC's 15 min sketch post, I'd like to know your point about it.


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